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Dacha Wins at World Chessboxing Championship!

Team Yaac Attack
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Two of IM Yaacov's students won gold in the 2023 World Chessboxing Championship!

"Yaacov was the key piece in helping me win the 2023 Chessboxing World Championship! I was able to immediately apply what I learned from our lessons, and did in fact apply them to win the tournament against a Russian ranked 1,000 points higher than me!" — Greg Belande, 2023 Chessboxing World Champion
"Yaac is just the GOAT at chess coaching. His concept of light and dark harmony is so profound and truly demonstrates chess in its most artistic form. And it definitely improves your rating! He prepared me for my Chessboxing tournament like I know no other could, and I ended up winning the gold!" — Ellis Steinberg, 2023 Chessboxing gold medalist
IM Yaacov providing commentary at the event - October 2023, Italy

Status on YaacAttack Academy Content

We've uploaded two additional video lessons – Bobby Fischer & Dacha!! We've also uploaded video solutions for 17 more tactics and added a few more tactics without videos. IM Yaacov has been very busy!

Check out the Academy here. Not ready to sign up? Taste our Dacha approach first with free videos and free tactics.

Would you like a chance to have a one-on-one mini-Zoom session with IM Yaacov?

Submit your best color-themed Dacha-style tactic to us, as a PGN file. IM Yaacov will review each individually. The best tactic will be added to our site for the rest of our community to enjoy and you will receive a free mini-Zoom lesson with IM Yaacov. What are you waiting for? Submit now!


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