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"Yaacov was the key piece in helping me win the 2023 Chessboxing World Championship! I was able to immediately apply what I learned from our lessons, and did in fact apply them to win the tournament against a Russian ranked 1,000 points higher than me!" — Greg Belande, 2023 Chessboxing World Champion
"Yaac is just the GOAT at chess coaching. His concept of light and dark harmony is so profound and truly demonstrates chess in its most artistic form. And it definitely improves your rating! He prepared me for my Chessboxing tournament like I know no other could, and I ended up winning the gold!" — Ellis Steinberg, 2023 Chessboxing gold medalist
"I've been teaching chess in public and private schools for 38 years. Yaacov Norowitz was my most brilliant student. He has become one of the most accomplished chess masters as well as one of the most innovative and accomplished chess teachers. His students' chess abilities improve quickly." — Dr. Richard A. Lewis, USCF Certified Chess Coach, Advanced Level III
"I enthusiastically recommend Yaacov Norowitz and his Virtual Chess Camp. I have seen Yaacov's successful Dallas youth camps improve chess fundamentals and thrill dozens of aspiring champions. Don't miss this opportunity." — Scott Griggs of Dallas, Online Rating of 2300 and Father of Three
"My son loves Coach Yaacov's chess lessons, not only for the unique chess theory he teaches, but also for his sense of humor and the way he communicates with kids. After half a year of lessons, my son was able to make a breakthrough and reach a 2000 USCF rating at age 9, becoming the youngest Expert in New Jersey at the time. Thank you Coach Yaacov! — Sherry Zhang, Mom of Timothy
"I was stuck at a 1450 rating, and seemed to have hit a ceiling. After just five lessons with Yaacov, I obtained a completely new understanding and appreciation for the game, and within three months I had exploded to a 1750 rating. Yaacov's ability to effectively communicate the deep ideas behind Dacha single-handedly made me the player I am today." — Akiva Poppers, Captain of the 2018 Metropolitan Yeshiva Chess League Champion-MTA Lions
"Lessons with Yaacov have improved my chess game tremendously. In less than a year I've gone from a tense, insecure and frustrated player to thoroughly enjoying tournament competition. I greatly admire Yaacov's enthusiasm for the game and all it has to offer, and highly recommend him as a coach." — Nate Olson of Connecticut, Jumped from 1300 to 1700 in 9 Months
"Yaacov has been working with my son for several months in one-on-one weekly coaching sessions. His approach to chess is principled, calm and artful – there's a balance that he teaches between knowing and never knowing what's right on the board, but how to look for your best move. My son is rapidly learning chess and has added hundreds of points to his USCF ranking in a short time. I can honestly say that my son really liked chess before training with Yaacov, but now, he has a love in chess that will last a lifetime. I 100% recommend working with Yaacov if you want to improve, and even more importantly, maintain your love for this game!" – Joshua Kogan (parent of student)