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Dacha Tactics #7

Team Yaac Attack
1 min read

Here white has a roaming pair of bishops. But the first thing to look at is which one is the REAL dangerous of the 2, notably the Golden bishop. Since black does not have a dark bishop , our dark bishop is unopposed and Golden. We must believe in it and work to make it decisive! So -- what lies between our Golden bishop ( and dark queen!!) And his hapless king on dark? Simply the rook on f6 and g7 measly, (but annoying!) dark brick. The Qf8 is helping support these 2 dark units too. Let's search for ways to break down the dark resistance ...

Interact with the puzzle below.  If you get stuck, you can always click the "lightbulb" icon in the lower-left of the puzzle frame.  Good luck!

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