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Course: The Yaac Attack: Caro-Kann for Black

Team Yaac Attack
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Course: The Yaac Attack: Caro-Kann for Black

Under the expertise of Yaacov and Elijah, adopt a method that not only blends intuitive play with strategic depth but also promises to add points to your rating. Experience the harmony of positional insights with tactical flair.

Discover the Strategy

Chessable students love International Master Yaacov Norowitz and National Master Elijah Logozar for their "easy to digest" opening repertoires — which strike the balance between honing one's positional "feel" and memorization.


In their latest course, they give you a move-by-move blueprint to winning from the black side... against White's most aggressive way to start the game.

The Yaac Attack For Black: Caro-Kann goes beyond concrete variations. It's an idea-based repertoire, tailored for the ambitious player who wants to... not just equalize... but beat 1.e4.

At the core of the repertoire is Norowitz' unique approach to playing chess, molded through 20 years of playing and coaching.

P.S. If you want to simplify your opening preparation for White and expand your strategic toolkit, then check out Norowitz and Logozar's The Yaac Attack - Stonewall For White.

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